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There aren't any credits and I'd be interested in following some of the cast members for the game. Would you post a cast list please?

P9 actress Instagram is deaa2607 please be polite. 

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Just started playing, but this is already giving off some very strong vibes of a certain 1990s film.


The film in question is 'Dark City', of course.


So I have run into one issue. I have reached a point where the game won't progress in the text. I am in chapter 6 where Lang states "Oh no. I'm taking the bastards who forced me to ruin with me." At that point the background goes black and regardless of what I press I can't proceed. The game isn't frozen as I can still press the menu button. I have tried restarting the scene and exiting the game and restarting it but the same thing happens.

Sorry to hear about your problem with the game. That's odd since this is a first bug report on something like this. We will definitely look into this but meanwhile please try to quit the game, then start a new game, exit back to main menu and then restart chapter 6. 

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Thank you for the suggestions but sadly the issue still happened. I also tried downloading the Windows version of the game to my wife's system that runs Windows 7 Pro SP1 and bringing my saved game over and it happened there as well so I think it is either a corrupt save file or an issue needing patching. It has happened on Solus Linux as well as Windows 7 Pro 64 so it's not OS specific. I will start from scratch and see if it happens again.

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

Yes, next week.

Awesome news ! Looking forward to it, good luck.

Linux version is now available.

Thank you very much ! Playing through the demo today and tomorrow :)